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What to prepare at home before going to labor

What to prepare at home before going to labor

Welcoming your little new member home is a big deal and it is extremely exciting! However, to make sure this experience is a really good one, remember not to leave out anything that will make your life easier!

New parents tend to forget some minor things that are essential when your little one reach home. Today, I am going to share a list of item that will come in handy for new parents. Well, lets get the list ready!

1. Nappy Rash Cream

I didn’t know there is such thing and luckily my confinement lady bought one along. This is an essential one as it will avoid your little sweetheart from having nappy rash.

2. Diapers/ Nappy

Get some disposable ones and also the cloth ones. The cloth ones are useful as you can use it to swaddle the baby.

3. Rubber Changing Mat

This is important as it will avoid any leakage when you change your baby’s diapers. It is very easy to clean, most of the time I just wipe everything off with baby wipes!

4. Baby Wipes

The ultimate gear that basically cleans everything. Best use for cleaning poops!

5. Toiletries and Face & Body Care

This includes the body wash, face cream, body cream and baby powder. I would suggest parents to get a better brands for these like Cetaphil, QV, Sebamed, Lactacyd (I heard they have stopped production in Malaysia) or others that do not have fragrance in it. Baby skin is too gentle to include fragrance in their daily wash yet.
** Btw, Baby E is using QV after having an allergy on the Pigeon body wash I bought. Every baby is different but to be on the safe side, consider fragrant free toiletries.

6. Handkerchiefs

You will need this for a lot of purposes including bottle feeding, bathing and etc.

7. Clothing

I guess this is the one thing that mommies will never forget! What is more fun than dressing up your little one?

8. Small Basket with handle

This is personal but I find this handy to bring the bottles to my room during night time and bring it to the kitchen for cleaning up at the morning.

9. A Little Stool

Use it when you bathe your baby. Squatting is serious not fun.

10. Baby Detergent for Clothing and for Bottles 

I would suggest to have these to avoid any allergy from babies.

Good luck and happy parenting!

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