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Top 5 Store Bought Toddler Biscuits Snacks Review (Supermarket Version)

As BabyE is growing everyday, he get more and more in love with biscuits.I understand a lot of great momma actually bakes their own cookies/ biscuits at home and it is much more healthier, yes I know. However, my apology I do not have an oven at home *shocking face*. Being a typical Asian, that would be the last piece of kitchen equipment, I would buy because I don’t really use it and at this very moment, unfortunately my kitchen is quite full.

To cut it short, I buy most of BabyE’s biscuits snacks, today I going to review a few that I got it from both Supermarkets and Wet Markets.

1. Morinaga Manna Biscuit (Aeon & Ben’s Independent Grocer)

I came across this when I was sourcing for seaweed at Publika’s BIG a year ago and can’t stop staring at this cutely packed biscuit. Seriously, those biscuit faces on the packaging is like yelling at me, “BABYE WILL LOVE ME!”.

I bought the first packet home, and yes spot on! BabyE loves it so much and as a loving mom, I tried a bite. It tasted like Marie Biscuit if you know what i mean. To be honest it is quite delicious but of course if melted too fast in my mouth so is really a kind of baby thing that adult might find it not so appealing.

2. Morinaga Mana Wafer Snack (Ben’s Independent Grocer)

This is one interesting looking snack that I thought baby would love it but out of my expectation BabyE doesn’t like it and I still have half packet untouched for almost a year now.

I tasted it and find it not as delicious as it look. It tasted really milky but not as crunchy as it looks. As usual, it melt in mouth quickly but the crunch is not there and I think thats the reason why BabyE doesn’t like it. However, I am still trying my best to let BabyE finishes it. I mean, who is going to eat it if not BabyE?

3. Karuketto Milk Biscuit Ball (Aeon & Ben’s Independent Grocer)

Defiantly one of BabyE all time favourite! There are 4 packet in a box and BabyE can finish it in minutes! Trust me, in minutes! It tastes like milk, crunchy and light. As all baby biscuits are, it melts in your mouth once it contacted with liquid.

Is not easy to get this as sometimes it sold out in Aeon and I am not a often visitor to BIG after I have moved away from that area. However, BabyE really loves it. I have to stock it up once I saw any.

4. Apple Monkey: Organic Rice Crackers (Any Major Supermarket)

The first ever snack I introduced to BabyE once he can sit up straight. The excitement of seeing my first child holding a biscuit and eating is but it ended up in quite some disappointment. This rice cracker is made with rice and flavoured with natural flavouring. The packing is just too cute to miss it!

To be honest, BabyE never likes it from start until now. I tried it, it was pretty much tasteless and now is even worst after he was exposed to all kind of fun taste. However, I would say is a nice try and a good start for mom that can’t wait to see their child hold on to some snacks.

5. Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish Crackers (Ben’s Independent Grocer)

BabyE’s latest favourtie, it is crunchy and salty tastes just like your usual cheddar crackers. I mean whats more a toddler can get? This is the most delicious snacks he ever had. Just like their branding slogan, ‘The Snacks That Smiles Back!’ Seriously, no joke.

Hope the above review might be a little help for you when you are choosing these delicious and cute looking snack for your precious little one! <3

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