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Top 4 Tips Before Choosing Your Gynae

First of all, congratulation and I wish you all the best! Choosing the right gynae is important, during check up and also childbirth. It would be the best if you can have the same gynae for check up and childbirth. So, how do you know which is the best gynae?

1. Trust 

My point of view, is not about other people recommandation but choose the one you trust and comfortable with. My gynae was quite fierce and strict when it comes to my weight control but with his professional advise and how he deal with me, I trusted him. His way of communication might not be the best, in fact a lot of my friends asked me to change gynae but thank god I didn’t and I felt because of him, Baby E is safe and sound with me now.

2. Research 

You may do some research of the gynae of your choice with trustworthy google. If it is a recommendation from your friends and family ask them about it. You need to understand not everyone will have a smooth delivery, complication might pop up and it will not only risk your baby but also you. Look at where did the gynae graduated from if you like. No, I am joking but you need to know both your baby and your lives will be on his hand.

3. Go for a second opinion if needed 

If the first gynae of your choice made you feel uncomfortable, try on another one until you find one that you trust. I understand some people would prefer a female gynae, if that’s the case look for one. 

4. Price checking 

I believe this should be the first consideration but I am going to give you a frank advise that might make you immediately hates me. Please budget well before planning on having a baby. Childbirth and the expenses after having one is never cheap.

There are many options on this, going to a government hospital? Semi government or a fully private hospital? I guess this would be the key factor when it comes to pricing.

Good luck!

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