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Epidural Injection For Labor: Personal Experience

Do you really need epidural and what are the side effects of having one? If you are going for a C-section, I would say that you basically don’t have a choice but to get it as you will need it to numb the lower part of your body during the operation. However, for the mommies who choose to go for the natural way, do you really need it?

Speaking from experience, I was given 3 choices when I deliver Baby E. I went with Epidural because the nurse told me it will wear off 80% of the pain. However, it my case it was 100% no pain after injecting the epidural.

I did some research and asked around about the epidural injection, is it painful and what are the side effects. I thought I will share my experience so that you can have a better understanding. I am not a doctor or any medical advisor, and please be noted everyone is different so the decision is on you.

During the injection 

The anaesthesiologist will asked you to curve your body to a C shape (I was being told, people who are more flexible will hurt less) while he inject first an anaesthetic to numb the area around the part of spinal cord that he will inject the epidural later. Then, he will inject the epidural to your spinal cord. To me, the entire procedure was painless. I heard people said they can feel it when the epidural hits the spinal cord but to be frank, I felt very minimal of it. It was less than an ant bite.

After the injection 

The medical team will have you drip on an anaesthetic to prolong the epidural effect until you have delivery the baby then they will remove it. Downside Some mommies might have difficulties to push the baby out because you can’t feel anything. For me my pushes was quite successful the only complication was Baby E came out facing up.

Side effects 

There are a lot written online but I am just going to share mine with you. You will shiver like mad right after childbirth and feeling really cold and sleepy. Some people feeling like puking but it did not happened on me. I felt extremely sleepy and cold, then I passed out. After I am awake, I fainted in the washroom twice. I was told the reason I fainted because I have not been eating for more than 12 hours.

Will I take it again? 

Most likely yes! Contraction hurts like mad and the epidural did helps a lot on it. I cannot imagine if I gave birth without it. I might already kill myself during the process of delivery. Yes, I had a 0 pain delivery for Baby E and thank god about it.

My Advise 

Be ready and curve well during the injection. No matter what, do not move during the injection or the needle might break (This is serious). Be noted, you might have difficulty to push because you can’t feel anything. Just tell yourself, push hard and trust the medical team. Trust is very important because worrying will make you feel stress. Believe that everyone is doing their best, is your baby they are dealing with, a new life. There is no reason for them to not be serious about it.

Good luck!

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