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DIY: Easy Baby Soft Busy Block (Free Patterns)

Few years back when my nephew was 4 months old my sister bought him a Fisher Price sensory block that I found it very interesting and I thought when I have a baby I will get him/her one! Unfortunately, Fisher Price is not selling it anymore. I have been searching online for it and I decided to make one myself and put my long forgotten sewing skill to a test. 

I don’t have a complete pattern but I will put in details how I design my cube. It took me 2 weeks to complete the design.

What you need to do before creating the design:

1. Understand your baby. 
Each baby has different liking like the colours and they are developing so fast each month they explore different things. BabyE is all about yellow, he loves yellow and he screams every time he sees yellow. He loves this block so much he could scream and play with it for a good 20 minutes all by himself.

2. Know what you want.
Is your block focusing on texture or colours? Are you planing to put a little bell into your block? Think about it.

3. Understand the material.
Are you looking for a super soft block? If you are focusing on texture, what kind of fabric will you be including in your block?

How to create a soft block?

First of all, you need to know your block has 6 faces. Refer to the image above about what I say. You can choose to have 6 different designs or some duplicate designs or whatever you like.

The guide attached is for my block which has very limited design. I focused on yellow but you can make it colorful or other colour that your baby loves.

a. Felt
b. Fleece
c. Cotton Fabric
d. Ribbons

Instruction is together with the pattern file.

You can download the 
pattern and instruction HERE.

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