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Diapers Brand Comparison (Malaysia)

I totally understand the new mom feelings when it comes to diapers. The expensive ones will always be the better ones. Thus, Merries and Mamypoko are usually the to go brand for most of the parents that can afford. Today I am comparing a few brands that is commonly sold in Tesco and other major supermarkets in Malaysia. Hopefully my review helps.

** All reviews based on honest personal opinion. 

1. Huggies Ultra Tape

Softness: Good
Absorbent Level: Moderate
Cutting: Smaller than usual

I got this from Sunway Medical when I discharged and this was what my Baby E using. I find that the cutting is quite small compare to other brands yet I did finish the small pack of Huggies (tape) in about a week.

When Baby E hits week 8 I bought another pack of Huggies Ultra S size from Speedy99. Again, I felt the size was small and the absorbent level was okay, not fantastic thou. I used it for morning and I left it at my mother in law’s house for her maid to use it while taking care of Baby E in the morning.

The design is thin thus I find that it is cooler and lighter, hopes it will be more comfortable for Baby E in the morning as my in law is a big against towards air-corn.

2. Mamypoko Air fit

Softness: Good
Absorbent Level: Moderate
Cutting: Comfortable

This was introduced to me by my sisters and they said is the one of the best along with the famous Merries. The cutting is comfortable and it is very soft. The absorbent level is better than Huggies or Drypers but the Extra Dry ones are defiantly have higher level of absorbent.

No complains on Mamypoko Air Fit, it is one of my favorite so far but it is quite pricey unless there are some online sales.

3. Mamypoko Extra-dry

Softness: Not Good
Absorbent Level: Good
Cutting: Moderate

I have to said Baby E and I hate this diapers design.  He is always so uncomfortable when I put this on him. The diapers are so dry and I felt like it makes him so uncomfortable. I only used it at night for the 3rd and 4th weeks because it does save me some nappy changing time, sometimes Baby E wet his clothes without knowing but due to the dryness of the nappy. I would say is a no no to me.

4. Goo.N Excellent Soft

Softness: Great
Absorbent Level: Good
Cutting: A little bigger than other brands

This was a gift from a friend and I have to say I love it. Goo.N is slightly cheaper than Mamypoko and the absorbent level is better as well. I use this at night and I try not to change it on every feeding but every 2 feeding instead. It didn’t wet Baby E clothes. The only downside of Goo.N is the cutting. The cutting is quite big and the top part is a little hard which I felt it might be a little uncomfortable for Baby E.

5. Goo.N Excellent Dry

Softness: Moderate
Absorbent Level: Great
Cutting: A lot bigger than other brands

I bought a pack from Giant and hell the size is very big.  Baby E is a big sized baby and this diapers is big! However, there was a night when Baby E was so tired he slept all night thru that he skipped one feeding. I was amazed that he did not wet his clothes. But of course when I removed it, it was super heavy. So yes, I still insist on changing it on every feeding to make my baby feel comfortable.

6. Drypers Touch

Softness: Good
Absorbent Level: Good
Cutting: Good Fit

This is my latest discovery. I was looking for the famous brand Pampers but I can’t find anywhere. I was telling a friend who works in an advertising agency and he told me it has been re-brand to Drypers. I am not sure if the remark above is correct but that’s what I heard. By the way, I bought a pack of Drypers Premium as I saw a lot of good review about it.

It is Premium and it is cheaper than Mamypoko so I thought why not giving it a try. I have to say this is one of the best diapers I ever used. Everything was up to expectation. Nothing to shout of but the price and the quality do match and I have decided this will be my go to brand for now.

Good Luck Mommies!
Feel free to let me know which other brands is your favorite in the comment box below!

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