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Art Lesson: Zentangle

I have recently joined a music & art tuition centre working as a art teacher there. I have not been updated to general schools lessons and classes and I found it shocking when I know art is not part of the lesson plans anymore.

In short, I took over a small group of students from age 5 to 12 that divided to 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. I am not going to lie the age gap is huge and is quite challenging for me to prepare a lesson plan. However, I try to pick a theme every week and make different task for each age group.

This week I did something rather fun which is an idea inspired from Pinterest- Zentangle. I would love to share my lesson plan here and what I learned from this.



  • Colour Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Eraser



Lesson Plan:

  1. First of all, I printed out 5 different fruits in bowl samples. 3 for the older kids and 2 for the younger.
  2. At the beginning of the lesson, I did not mentioned anything about Zentangle but only focusing on the fruits in bowl drawings.
  3. Students are advised to identified which is the lightest colour in the chosen fruits in bowl image.
  4. Briefed the students on colour pencil shading, start with the lightest colour of the image.
  5. Then let them start sketching.
  6. After they have completed they started to shade the sketch they did.
  7. Then introduce them to Zentangle. Showed them a few samples and how to do it with sharpie.

I was very surprise with the output and can totally see the difference between the older and younger kids. Most of the older kids sticks to 1 patterns and drew it all over or in different angle and the younger kids tends to explore more options on their background.



This was my first lesson, and I have learned so much about my students with this simple process. I was pretty happy with the outcome and hope you like it too!


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