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7 Mobile Apps that will Make your Parenting Life Much More Easier

Sometimes we tend to glued on our phone so often that most of our tasks are done on the phone itself. However, parenting life can be hectic especially when you need to use different source to do your records, notes, shopping, and etc. Wouldn’t be nice, if some of your parenting task can be done in your phone too?

1. MammaBaby 

This app is great for mommies with infant. You can start tracking the feeding pattern, diapers changing counts and sleeping hours if your baby! Now, you can ditch your usual book record to a simple and quick app!

2. Baby Center 

This is the best baby encyclopedia! Key in your baby’s age or if you are a soon to be mummy, key in your due date! Every week the app will have updates and articles according to your needs at the time.

3. Happyfresh 

This is my to go grocery delivery service because it covers quite a number of area in Kuala Lumpur. Simple and quick especially on those days that Baby E decide to be a koala and treating me like his favourite tree.

4. Tasty 

This is the place I get all my simple and delicious recipe. I always view this at night when Baby E is asleep to get some inspiration for the next time when I have the opportunity to cook (only provided Baby E willing to hang out with his daddy).

5. P Tracker 

I always keep track on my period to avoid any embarrassing moment. As a working mom I find it even more important because I really don’t have extra time to clean some unnecessary mess.

6. Go Get 

As mentioned, sometimes I will not have the opportunity to cook when Baby E is being sticky. I always use Go Get as a food delivery when both my husband and I are tired of fast food or instant noodles.

7. Netflix 

I would recommend this for parents with older kids that has started the youtube fever. I do not recommend youtube as we cannot control what is being shown to the kids. Even on Youtube Kids is not trustworthy. Netflix kids has a safer range of videos selections.

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