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7 Easy Steps To Purchase Your Customised Ikea Kitchen Cabinet: From Planing to Installing!

Image Source: Ikea Malaysia

Are you giving your kitchen a facelift or simply moving in a new place? Ikea Kitchen cabinet is one of the most affordable choice of all but to most people it can be really troublesome because you don’t have a contractor coming to your house and putting all the available catalogs on your face for you to choose from.

I have going back and forth for more than 5 times (Both Cheras and Damansara outlets) just to get the right design that can fit into my kitchen perfectly which I can actually get everything done in just 1 visit. I am going to simplified process by providing you a simple step to step guide. 
1. Measure your kitchen space
Get a measuring tape and start measuring. Do not leave out the windows and the pipe area. You will need this to decide on where should your sink be at and the position of the wall cabinet. 
2. Design it (roughly)
Use a piece of paper if you are not tech savvy. If you are good at computers, jump into the Ikea Kitchen Planner section and start designing it. 
3. Budget it (roughly)
Go to the Ikea website and look at the table top choices, door choices and etc. 
4. Make an appointment
Make an appointment at the ikea website and be on time because the there are a lot of people in line.
5. Talk to the consultant
Finally, visiting Ikea. Tell them what you need and who them your plan (on a paper or simply the file you made at ikea website). Have a look at the material you choose and have a feel of it, make any changes you need if you don’t feel right.
6. Purchase it
The consultant will print a bill for you to make the purchase at the counter. After purchasing, collect it at the collection area!
7. Install it
Installation can be DIY or by paying a certain amount to Ikea for their contractor to install it!
Yes, it is this simple! I hope this article helps you on saving time!

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