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5 Tips about Diapers: All About Diapers

This is the first post of New Mom 101 series because this tend to be one of the most asked question once the baby has arrived but defiantly not before. Something most new mom would left out and is okay, let’s learn together!

1. How often should I change my baby’s diapers
I would suggest on every feeding even it might not be full. This is for hygiene purposes, it will avoid nappy rashes on baby and baby will feel much more comfortable. I am going to give a brutal example to all mommies here, can you imagine you are sitting on a wet menstrual pad all day long? Well, there you go, change it on every feeding. Your sweetheart needs the freshness.

2. How to avoid waking baby during night changing
The super answer here is actually really simple ‘MAKE IT FAST’. In fact, very fast. I would suggest to feed your baby a little first (if it is a routine change) and then quickly change it and feed the baby again. Baby usually fall asleep while feeding but please don’t forget to burp your little one.

3. Why does my baby always wet himself/ herself?
Putting on diapers is an art. Seriously, it is an art. First make sure it is tight enough but not too tight to the extend it trace your baby’s feet. Got it? Great!

Next, make sure both side of the tape are about the same length. Yes, it has to be balance! A quick check is, try to put 2 fingers into the diapers after you have put it on to check if it is too tight.

4. Nappy cream
Yes, you need it! I forgot to get one for Baby E as he is my first child. Actually I didn’t even know there is such thing.

5. How to have the fastest diapers changing routine?
First get your things ready. To me is the 4 most important things, Dry Tissue, Wet Tissue/ Baby Wipes, Diapers (opened and ready), Nappy Cream.

Second quickly open up his diapers, wipe with baby wipes if there is no poo and apply nappy cream then wrap the baby up with diapers.

If there is poo? *Evil smile* you know it gonna take a long long time but getting the 4 important stuffs ready does helps a lot. Wipe and cover the poo with dry tissue and slowly wipe off all the poo with baby wipes. Then remove the dirty diapers and put a fresh diapers on. Apply nappy cream then tape the diapers on! All done! But yes, if it is at night, very likely your little one will be awake.

Good luck Mommies!

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