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5 Quick Tips on Baby Vaccine: Things you need to be aware before bringing your baby for vaccine

There are things you will need to be aware of before bringing your baby to vaccine to avoid panicking after the vaccine. Vaccine usually comes with side effects and for new parents it will be very terrifying. Sometimes, your baby might not have any difference after vaccine, sometimes your baby might be unwell.

1. Speak to your child specialist 

First you will need to understand what vaccine will your child be taking. Google it up and check on the side effects. Ask around if you could how did other baby react to the vaccine. Know more, if anything occurs you know it is normal.

2. Get a Thermometer 

Most vaccine causes fever, you need a thermometer to monitor your baby’s temperature. Anything above 37.5 is not normal. Baby E’s doctor advise us to get the ear thermometer as it will be more accurate.

3. Stock up some baby paracetamol at home 

Talk to your child specialist do he suggest to give your baby paracetamol if your baby got fever after the vaccine.

4. Stock up some baby Probiotic 

Some vaccine will cause diarrhea. Again speak to the doctor if it happens can you give your baby some probiotic. Baby E is using the Met Gala probiotic which is working just fine for him. Baby E’s doctor actually told me is totally fine to give Baby E probiotic daily.

5. Get your child specialist email or phone number 

Baby E’s doctor gave us his email address. He always email me before a vaccine to get prepared and understand what Baby E’s will be getting. After that he will also send me article on how to handle if the side effects happens.

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