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5 Easy Smoothie Recipe for Working Moms

Are you on the smoothies game? Lately smoothie bowls has became a trend and almost every single instagrammers and youtubbers are showing you how to make the colourful nutritious yet delicious smoothie bowl. There was a secret you weren’t being told thou, to make it looks pretty requires a lot of hard work. I do not have the luxury to do so, thus I dump everything into my blender and I have my to go smoothie every morning and enjoy it during my morning traffic.

First, how to speed up your smoothie routine and making sure none of the fruits or vegetables gone bad before you even using them? FREEZE EM! You got to believe me sweetheart, Freeze em all! Prepare a few ziplock bags and put all the cut fruits into the bag. Place all the bags into the freezer and easily blend it every morning! I usually go with low fat milk when it comes to my smoothie as I love the thickness of the milk but it is not as fattening as the usual fresh or full cream milk . However, for all the recipes you are welcome to replace the liquid with any kind of products you like such as almond milk, fresh milk, soy milk or others.

I would advise to stay away from store-bought juices as it really sweet and why do you need that when you are blending a whole lots of fruits/ vegetables already. Below are my favourite combination and hope you will give it a try too!

1. Power Green Monday 

A handful of Baby Spinach
Half of a Cucumber
Half of a Red Apple Oatmeal (soak it with Low Fat Milk overnight)
Low Fat Milk

I am not going to lie, this doesn’t taste as good as it suppose to be. However, it is packed with all nutrition I need in the morning and enough to keep me full until lunch. You can replace the red apple with Honey if you wish too. I just added some red apple for the sweetness.

2. Berry Tuesday 

Half a cup of Blueberries
Half a cup of Strawberry
Half of a Banana
Chia Seeds
Low Fat Milk

This will be champion as the best taste smoothie of all, it is sweet and the banana just made it all. Don’t you agree? Berries are very nutritious and jam packed with antioxidant . This smoothie is in a beautiful hue of purple as well which makes me extra happy when drinking it!

3. Fiber Power Wednesday 

A slice of Papaya
Half of a Green Apple
Half of a Red Apple
Half of a Carrot
Half of a Banana
Oatmeal (soak it with Low Fat Milk overnight)
Low Fat Milk

This is a super formula is packed with fiber and it is one of the best solution for anyone suffering from constipation. The taste might be a little weird or some told me the banana has covered up all the taste of it. However, it is really a great source of fiber and a great break up formula with constipation!

4. Happy Melon Thursday 

2-3 Slices of Honeydew
Soy Milk
Oatmeal (soak it with Soy Milk overnight)

This simple smoothie does has a touch of Asian taste in it. Perhaps was due to the Soymilk? It is pleasant to drink and the kids will love it too! Honeydew is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin C actually plays an important role on producing Collagen!

5. Super C Friday

Half of a Cucumber
Half of a Celery
Half of a Carrot
Chia Seeds

Calery is famous for improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I can prevent heart disease too! Carrot is a great source of fiber and it is rich in antioxidant!

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