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10 Cities that is actually child friendly

Leaving your child at home for traveling is something every mom will hesitate to do no matter is your child with your parents or your in laws or even your nanny. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seems right. Of cause, I mean wouldn’t you want to have fun with your kids? Capturing 100x images on your mobile to save the perfect memories? I got you really!

Your child should be travel friendly when they are 2 years old and above. If your child is a quick talker it will be even easier. Let me share you a list of cities that is child friendly, and you can consider it for your next trip!

1. Gold Coast & Brisbane, Australia 

Gold coast is no doubt the best place to bring your child with all the theme parks around. In Brisbane, you could easily chill a day off the busy theme park at Southbank. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with some delicious churros in the afternoon and have a evening walk along the riverbanks! Fantastic! The public transport is easy access and it is not as busy as Melbourne or Sydney. Definitely the number 1 choice for parents with kids!

2. Osaka & Kyoto, Japan 

Osaka & Kyoto is rich in traditional cultural of the Japanese. The city is not as busy as Tokyo yet there are lots of amazing temples and museum to visit! Rent a traditional Japanese Kimono in Kyoto and you are ready to capture all the amazing time with your child! Love it!

3. Queenstown, New Zealand 

Queenstown, the amazing tourist destination of New Zealand. Love Queenstown because it is surrounded by mountains and it is very clean. Rent a car and travel around the place! If you child is slightly older they might enjoy some of the not-so-extreme sports too! If your child is over 30kg, do consider Skydiving!

4. Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

The best place to visit if you would like to make this trip as an educational trip. There are tons of historical landmarks that you will enjoy telling your child about it. For example: Edinburgh Castle, Craigmillar Castle and Greyfriars Bobby. Have a fun picnic at the Princes Street Garden to enjoy the weather if you will be visiting in Summer!

5. London, United Kingdom 

I remember traveling with my mom when I was a child to London. The castles visit were so fun! The famous castles and palaces in London is a must visit! Not to mention the excitement of riding a double decker bus and falling asleep in it!

6.  Glasgow, United Kingdom 


Glasgow is cold, very freezing cold. Well at least for someone from a tropical country, I would say it is so cold and I love it! The city is safe and it is really nice to visit some historical landmarks. I find that most cities in the UK is quite child friendly comparing with those we have here in Asia. People seems to be very helpful and friendly too.

7. Taipei, Taiwan 


A friendly city that full of lovely people. Most of the people I meet during my trip to Taipei, they are very kind and very helpful. At certain areas like Ximending or Jiu Fen will be crowned and I don’t advise to bring stroller to places like this or to be even more straight forward don’t bring kids to places like this. Especially Jiu Fen, I can guarantee you, you will cry if you are with kids that are not very excel in walking yet. However, there are other beautiful places such as Taipei 101, Tamsui, Jin Shan and etc.

8. Perth, Australia 

Another quiet city in Australia that worth visiting. What’s better than hugging a Koala at the Whiteman Park with your little one? Enjoying a glass of beautiful red wine while your kids is munching on the wonderful cheese. You can also visit the Fermantle market with your little ones, tasting all the food that’s available there. Simple and quick trip.

9. Singapore, Singapore 

A beautiful, vibrant, young city that happens to be safe and clean. There are a few place to drop by with your child in Singapore such as The Singapore Zoo (Wonderful Zoo, one of the best so far), Universal Studio, Orchard Road and the Sky Gardens.

10. Florence, Italy 

The special reason Florence is being one of the top place for family visit is because of the organized landscape of the city which allow your stroller to move freely. Do you really need a better reason? Well, is the food. Italian food is really child friendly and every loves it! The city is beautiful and almost every corner of it is #instaworthy!

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